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Community Info

This historic seaside town enjoys a natural setting of unforgettable beauty.

From the rocky shorelines and pebbled beaches to the hills crowned with rare forests of Monterey pines and cypresses, Cambria has snug habitats for a wide array of human and animal residents.

Offshore, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects the ocean environment for the whales, dolphins, otters, seals, sea lions, elephant seals and seabirds that call it home. On land, the Cambria Land Trust and other organizations have worked to preserve several tracts of land for public enjoyment and preservation.

You won't find any fast-food restaurants or big box stores in Cambria. You will find friendly local merchants and residents who are never too busy to stop for a chat or a hug. Slow down, relax, have a long look around. There's only one Cambria.

Location: On California's Central Coast, midway between Los Angeles (240 miles south) and San Francisco (240 miles north).

Population: Estimated 6,700 full-time

Elevation: Sea level to 200 feet

Area of Town: About 3 square miles

Climate: Mild Mediterranean, the famous California ‘blanket climate', where nights are cool enough for a blanket year-round. Days are never too hot nor too cold to go outside and have fun. And the air quality is among the best in the state, delicious with the spicy smell of pines and the tang of the ocean.

Summer brings some days with morning and evening fog sandwiching bright sunny afternoons. No air conditioning required! 60-75 degrees.

Fall is the favorite season of most Cambrians, with warm sunny days, starry nights and huge harvest moons rising over the golden hills. Seasonal rains begin in late October to November. 55-75 degrees.

Winter is the time of year when our wells are recharged and the hills receive their annual average of 20”-25” inches of rainfall. Quiet, rainy days are interspersed with crystal clear sunny days where the puffy clouds sail away. Nights are crisp enough to make that fireplace feel very cozy. 40-62 degrees.

Spring features emerald green hills and a months-long parade of wildflowers. Sunny skies with some afternoon coastal breezes. 50-67 degrees.

Activities: How do you recognize a Cambrian? He's the one rushing around trying to fit in all the fun things there are to do here. From shopping to kayaking, there are activities for every taste. A partial list: golf, live music, theater, surfing, fishing, festivals and fairs, antiques, swimming, wine tasting, art galleries, lawn bowling, whale-watching, picnicking, Farmer's Market, hiking, Highway One cruising, tennis, wildlife viewing, yoga, poetry readings, tap-dancing, beach-combing, Italian lessons, day-tripping to nearby towns, and that perennial tradition for Cambrians: taking every single tour offered at Hearst Castle!

Community: Cambria is a true community—a gathering of people with a common purpose—to enjoy and preserve the special way of life they've chosen. You're free to stay in your own good hole and play hermit of the pines, but if you choose to participate in the active life of the town, you'll be warmly welcomed. Sharing your gifts, whatever they may be, is considered to be a kind of obligation by many here. A partial list of clubs and organizations can be found on the Chamber of Commerce website ( The Cambria Community Center, the Joslyn Recreation Center and the Vets Hall host numerous classes and events throughout the year.

Shopping: Cambrians don't have to leave town for supplies. A well-stocked gourmet grocery with deli, a supermarket that's recently expanded its selection of organic and natural foods, and several convenience and liquor stores all provide plenty of choices for stocking your larder. Hardware stores, pharmacies, office supplies, fresh-roasted coffee—all the essentials are available here. And of course don't forget Farmer's Market every Friday afternoon, when Cambrians stock up on fresh local produce and catch up with their friends.

Transportation: From Highway One, the famous coastal road, to unmarked single-lane twisties through the wine country, Cambria is a paradise of convenient, interesting roadways to explore. Even simple errands to surrounding towns are scenic tours!

Amtrak also provides train service from the station at San Luis Obispo, 35 miles south. Public transportation options are numerous. The Otter Trolley, a free shuttle around Cambria, runs three to four days a week, depending on the season. Central Coast Area Transit buses make the trip from Hearst Castle to San Luis Obispo three times a day, with stops in Cambria and Morro Bay. Riders can transfer to SLO Transit there, or ride San Luis Obispo's free trolley around downtown. Connecting flights arrive and depart several times daily at the San Luis Obispo Airport, a modern facility with an uncrowded, time-warp feel.

Government: Unincorporated community. San Luis Obispo County provides Sheriff protection and departmental services, zoning and planning.

Media: The Cambrian is our local paper of record. An award-winning staff and great in-depth reporting on issues of local importance. Comes out once a week on Thursdays. 927-8652
The Tribune is the daily paper of San Luis Obispo. 781-7800
KCOY and KSBY are the local television stations.
KCBX, public radio, and KTEA, in Cambria, broadcast music and local info.

Libraries: The Cambria Public Library is a member of the Black Gold system, giving library card holders privileges at all San Luis Obispo county libraries. 927-4336

Utilities: Electric : PG & E Natural Gas: Southern Calif. Gas Co. Telephone: AT & T and SBC Pacific Bell Water, Sewer: Cambria Community Service District (CCSD). Television: Charter Communications Trash: Mission Country Disposal

Senior Citizen Services: Cambria Adult Resources Education & Support 927-0594 Cambria's Anonymous Neighbors 927-5673 Cambria Community Bus 927-4173 Cambria Community Counsel 927-1547 Joslyn Recreation Center 927-3364 Meals on Wheels 927-1268

Churches: Baptist, Catholic, Christian Science, Presbyterian, Episcopal and Unity.

Mail: The U.S. Post Office is on Bridge Street, in Cambria's East Village.

Medical: Family practitioners, optometrists, psychologists, veterinarians, chiropractors, dentists, home health care and alternative practitioners all maintain offices in Cambria. Many more healthcare professionals are based in nearby Templeton, Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo.

Hospitals: Cambria is served by three facilities.
Twin Cities Hospital – Templeton (25 miles inland)
Sierra Vista – San Luis Obispo (35 miles south)
French Hospital – San Luis Obispo (37 miles south)
Emergency medical services are provided by the Cambria Ambulance Service, a public agency that is part of the Cambria Community Healthcare District.

Fire and Rescue: The Cambria Fire Department, staffed by dedicated and well-trained volunteers, responds to all emergencies in the community services district. The volunteer North Coast Ocean Rescue Team handles ocean emergencies. Outside the CCSD area, the California Department of Forestry is the responding agency.