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Rick Warren

DRE License: #01897134

Rick Warren is an energetic and knowledgeable REALTOR® whose experience and enthusiasm set him apart from the pack. He has an unbridled entrepreneurial passion that translates into him being an excellent partner in helping you turn your dream into reality.

Born and spending his boyhood years on a small town in Oregon, Rick has the down to earth demeanor and sense of honesty. As an adolescent he used to watch an old man named Pete build houses. At age 7, with Pete's help Rick used scraps to build a Lemonade stand that he operated on the highway every morning during the summer. All this while his little friends were playing in the mud.

Upon graduating high school, Rick took up construction. Within a few years, as a young man in his twenties, Rick had build up a contracting business building homes throughout the fast growing areas of Portland. Within ten years, he had built over 100 homes and received numerous builder awards.

Rick relocated to California thirty years ago, continuing to build custom luxurious homes throughout the East Bay area. From foundations to detailed gourmet kitchens, his houses always contained unique and creative nuances that showed his pride of craftsmanship. His empathy and unique ability to 'understand' the visions of others enabled him to suit to their exact needs.

Rick and his wife Sue have two lovely children who have taken after their father and are both free and creative spirits on their own. Having fallen in love with the California Central Coast area after years of summering here, the family moved to Cambria over a decade ago. Although spending his life around real estate, this is where he fell in love with the idea of becoming a REALTOR®. He rode his bike or drove through every street in Cambria to look at every little house and view. He's funny that way. It was then he decided to take up the cause.

With the help of his wife Sue, who herself was already a REALTOR®, he learned everything he could in order to not only obtain a license, but be the best REALTOR® he could be. That's just the way Rick tackles life. Every listing that is on the market, Rick has visited. His real talent is in meeting with prospective purchasers, learning what their goals of home ownership are, and helping make that perfect match. Coupled with his decades of experience in home design and construction, there exists that unique synergy that not only allows him to help buyers find their dream house, but also to create a vision of what it can be.

If you are looking to purchase real estate in the Cambria area, whether as a primary home or as a secondary home to create your own little private hideaway, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of someone whose vast experience, zestful energy and creative vision has come together in such a hard working and enthusiastic soul.

Contact Rick to schedule a meeting. Share with him your dreams of home ownership. You'll be joyed that you did.